Our Brazilian branch, ACE do Brasil, consists of Brazilian engineers and technicians specialized in machine safety, for solid support in all export steps.


Brazilian standards for machine safety

Verification of legislative and technical/regulatory requirements for exports to Brazil

Unlike European markets, exports of industrial machinery and electrical panels to Brazil require manufacturers to have the conformity of their products verified by a Brazilian engineer registered with CREA.

The safety of machinery and workplaces in Brazil is governed by Law NR 12 “Segurança no trabalho em máquinas e equipamentos,” which defines the minimum safety requirements ranging from the design phase to the use of constructed machinery imported and marketed in Brazil. Other important laws regarding industrial machinery are NR 10, NR 13, NR 17, NR 20, NR 26.

At A.C.&E., we have chosen to oversee this territory with our local branch ACE do Brasil Ltda., which is based in São Paulo. We provide direct, up-to-date, concrete knowledge about legislative and technical regulatory requirements on the safety of industrial machinery destined for Brazil.

Certification of compliance for machinery in Brazil

ACE do Brasil, composed of Brazilian engineers and technicians specialized in the field of machine safety, always provide updated assistance with the application and interpretation of legal requirements.

You will be assisted by our A.C.&E. and ACE do Brasil technicians starting with the design and construction phases at your production site, with the sharing of applicable choices and solutions in accordance with the process requirements.

The final acceptance of the machine, which concludes with a pre-start inspection at the installation site enables our Brazilian personnel to issue:

  • Laudo De Validação
  • A.R.T. Certificate

Legislation for exports to Brazil

Knowledge of Brazilian legislation, import procedures, and the technical safety requirements of installed machinery and workplaces are key aspects in preventing disputes, even in the case of audits by the local authorities.

With A.C.&E. and ACE do Brasil, it is possible to:

  • perform inspections directly in Brazil, even for machinery that is already installed or subject to revamping. In fact, Law NR 12 is retroactive
  • offer technical/legal support for protection from the main risk factors, keeping abreast of legislative and regulatory changes, even in contractual matters.

Primarily laws and reference standards for exporting to Brazil

  • NR10, NR12, NR13, NR17, NR20, NR26
  • ABNT NBR ISO 12100:2013
  • ABNT NBR 14153
  • ABNT NBR 8800
  • ABNT NBR 8400

A.C.&E. and ACE do Brasil provide the following services for exporters to Brazil:

  • Support with design and technical choices to ensure compliance with current legislative requirements
  • Assistance with drafting technical documentation (e.g., manuals)
  • Assistance with verification or preparing risk analyses
  • Assistance with drafting area classifications, choice of associated components, migration of ATEX/IECEx certificates
  • Support with updating machinery/systems on site

Inspections, issuance, and registration of Laudo De Validação and the ART certificate