With our technical/legal team, A.C.&E. is active around the world, supporting companies exporting to any country on the global market.

Compliance certification for exports worldwide

Analysis, tests, and checks of the requirements to access international markets. Not only does A.C.&E. have branches in Europe, North America, Russia, and Brazil, our technicians and consultants are also present in many other parts of the world, providing solutions worldwide. We support manufacturers at every stage of the certification process, ensuring compliance with regulations and rules in the importing countries, with technical and legal assistance to ensure the safe movement of goods.

Technical and legal support for exports worldwide

Whatever the EU or non-EU country you would like to export machinery, industrial systems, and products to, A.C.&E. will effectively manage all technical and legal procedures. We provide support in obtaining the certifications necessary to export based on current safety standards in the countries where you want to market products.


CE MARKING A.C.&E. supports companies that intend to export machinery to Turkey. According to the Customs Union agreement between the European Union and Turkey, manufacturers must respect the provisions in the Machinery Directive. As of January 1, 2017, Turkish customs require test reports issued by an accredited laboratory for the import of industrial machinery. As an ISO 17025 laboratory, and with our experience in the sector and direct channels established over the years, A.C.&E. is able to provide the appropriate test reports and certificates of compliance.

Saudi Arabia

Issuance of SASO Certificates SASO certification (CoC) is required to export most product categories to Saudi Arabia. It attests to the conformity of products according to Saudi Arabian standards, with the aim of protecting consumer health, national security, public morals, and avoiding the entry of poor-quality goods.* * As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, A.C.&E. provides electrical tests in compliance with SASO 60204-1 and SONCAP 60204-1 prior to issuing the related certifications.



Issuance of SONCAP Certificates SONCAP is a program for verifying and certifying the conformity of products intended for export according to the standards of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria. A SONCAP certificate is mandatory when exporting industrial machinery to Nigeria in order to prevent the entry of products that are non-compliant, hazardous to consumer health, or of poor quality, to avoid unfair competition with local manufacturers, and to prevent environmental damage.* * As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, A.C.&E. provides electrical tests in compliance with SASO 60204-1 and SONCAP 60204-1 prior to issuing the related certifications.


CCC China Compulsory Certification attests to the conformity of products intended for export to China. The products listed in the catalogue of compulsory certification must obtain the CCC mark or they cannot be marketed or imported into China. The CCC certificate is required to pass customs inspections. At A.C.&E., we support manufacturers in obtaining the necessary certifications for export to China and act as the foreign manufacturer’s representative, which is mandatory as of October 1, 2020.


Machinery exports Japan is a member of the ISO Committee and signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). 59% of Japanese standards are harmonized with IEC standards. As an accredited laboratory, A.C.&E. issues test reports recognized in Japan that demonstrate the conformity with local standards in order to obtain the JIS mark.

South Korea

A.C.&E. assists manufacturers with procedures to certify compliance for exports to South Korea. To obtain the KCs mark of conformity, a test report from an accredited laboratory in Korea is required. At A.C.&E., we perform electrical tests, issue accredited reports, and convert the report through local references.


Unite Kingdom Conformity Assessment

Peso (India)

Compliance of equipment and industrial machinery for the Indian market.